Glacier White Salt and Pepper Cobbles - decorative white granite rock for landscaping and architectural uses
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Glacier White Granite Landscaping Stone Sizes


Super Sacs that hold 3,000 pounds - call for quote

Pallets that hold 1' to 2' boulders up to 3,000 pounds per pallet - Call for quote

Above packaging process are the for packaging only, rock is still sold by weight and choice of packaging is added to the cost of the rock.

Need several difference kinds of rock on one load? We inventory a large variety of rick and flagstone from throughout our geographical area and can mix and match a load to your specifications. Looking for a certain type of rock call us and see how we can help.

Our gravels range from 35% to 95% non-calcareous (acid insoluble), making them suitable for applications where acid and wear resistance are important.

A note about rock sizes: The rock screening and sorting process works well, but there will always be some variation in each load of rock.  For example, the screen with a mesh size of 4” x 4” tends to sort out rocks in the 2” – 4” range.  However, it is possible for rocks 4” in diameter but longer than 4” to slip through the mesh along with the smaller rocks.

To read an interesting article on the the early geology of the Arkansas Valley, visit this website, and click on the Three Glaciers Flood - Arkansas River, Colorado link. This will download a Microsoft Word document.

Product Weight Per Yard Ton Per Cubic Yard
9/16" - 1" Glacier White Cobble 2300 1.15
1" - 2" Glacier White Cobble 2300 1.15
2" - 4" Glacier White Cobble 2500 1.25
4" - 8" Glacier White Cobble 2500 1.25
8" - 20" Glacier White Cobble 2500 1.25
1' - 3' Boulders    
4' and Larger Boulders    
Boulders over 6'    


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