Glacier White Salt and Pepper Cobbles - decorative white granite rock for landscaping and architectural uses
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Decorative Landscape Granite Boulders

Smaller granite boulders are more easily handled for retaining walls, or landscape elements.

Large granite boulders make excellent landscape highlights. Delivery anywhere in the United States is available.

Our Glacier White granite boulders have distinctive shapes with rounded edges.  Our harvesting process leaves them intact and free of man-made damage and scars.

Available individually or by the load.  Ask if you have a special need!  Visit our plant to make your selection or describe your "perfect boulder" to us.

Sizes range from 18” to several yards across.  Massive boulders are one of the most striking products in the landscape business today.  Used most commonly for waterfalls, centerpieces, entrances, and borders along roads, boulders are in great demand.

We can provide setting services for the largest boulders if needed.

Contact us for details and pricing information.

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